July - August, 1997


Had you Known the price of the revealed Word, you would have listened keenly, would have re-read three times and would have followed everything I said.
True are the revelations in which My Love’ voice is heard.

Moscow, 1997.

The Holy Russia seen by the Virgin's eyes.

So much light will come to Russia!

Neither Communism, nor Capitalism, nor Dictatorship — no one of the former social structures has any prospects here... Nothing but Love has it's future in Holy Russia, as being charged to My pastorship.

Have no dread of anything! I shall prevent military, civil and other conflicts. Russia shall take a bright holy image. She will be consecrated, ordained and saved.

The succeeding image of Russia is so beautiful that the Western powers are to fall back, behind and to eye Her with envy.

Holy Russia, I am yearning to see you new, bright, eternal and beautiful. I bless you to live under My sunny aegis. To appeal to My name for help. To call the saints of Russia. To trust My graceful protection and the luminous destiny which is intended to Russia in the third millenium thanks to the sacrifice of Her holy fathers and mothers, as well as by love of the Blessed Mother patroness. Our Lady in the world.

The more ecclesiastic Russians enthrone Me as Russian Sovereign, the quicker and more organically the glory of Christ will descend on Russia and Russia will take the image of the Power of Peace, as it had been intended to Her from the very beginning.

I wish to see the Holy Russia filled with chapels, small churches and great cathedrals. I am yearning for having My altar in every home, for the priests of the high mission, who bring in the holy light, who grant joy, the sacred faith in the Redemptor the Christ — the architect of our wonderful life without sins. Whatever we call Him — either Creator, or Founder, or Providence (traditionally), either call Him Heavenly Father, sacrificing Love, Crucified Light, thegGroom or the Friend of the Groom, who leads the procession to the Bride's house, or the Mysterious Lamb. Love the Lord in the fragrance of His Heavenly tabernacles, in the perfection of His evangelic Sayings, in the ineffable light of the Eucharist in the peace granted by Him, in your opening hearts and that particular joy, which can be felt only by those going to the Christ through Me.


I promise to release Holy Russia from the fetters of false faith and the bonds of spiritual slavery.

I am eager to see the Church free from prejudice, transformed, bright, loving the Christ and serving His creatures.

I aspire to liberate the world from violence and spiritual slavery.

*   *   *

So much I love you, my beloved children! I always remember each of you! Even before you start praying! I hurry to you with words of consolation and my motherly tenderness.

Permit My motherly love to live among you. Be nourished by it, be filled with it and be its conductors. Call Saint Francisc of the Western Church and Seraphim of the Eastern Church to help you, as they are perfect instruments of Divine Love and examples of complete devotion to My merciful and innocent motherly heart.

I promise to be Mother to everyone who calls My name in an hour of grief and an extreme need of divine assistance.


Address to Christian hierarchs

The principal precept by our Heavenly Father to the ancient Israel is to follow prophets' voice and to listen to the word divine. The hierarchs of the Church who break the greatest precept will be deprived of the bliss in the live faith and will lead Christians to perish. On turning their attention to the holy things of the past, they are deaf to invaluable sacred words addressed to the Church at present. If the Church attended heeded, spread and followed the evangelic patterns, the incomparable glory of Christ would have appeared on Earth. Our Lord's heart is full of grief.

Those who fight against My voice, My powerful aegis, are persistent in diverting their eyes from the truth; on pretending to be on guard of my Kazan and Vladimir icon, they would reveal themselves to be malicious enemies of My apparitions at the times.

Patriarch Alexis II ought to surround himself with holy fathers, to give up politics and to lead the Church through the gates of peace, truth, love and repentance. May holy warmth come back to the Church.


To orthodox priests

Tell to Orthodox priests to stop injuring Me and the Lord with persistent violation of holy laws through oblivion of holiness, denouncing the neighbours, persisting in anger and enmity. My Orthodox worshippers have to learn how to love each other and our brother Christians. It is unbearable furthermore to cope with Evil. The cup of evil and lie is overfill, and the Lord's punishment is for those who, being themselves blind, dare to lead those wishing to see.

Children of Mine, don't plunge into the past. Forgive each other and start your life in love.

Children of Mine, don't blame each other, don't see anything you ought not to see. So much our souls strive for revelations of Love and so much they are grateful for tenderness and light!

I like praying in Church, in candlelight, but so more joy is in Heaven, when your hearts are confidently opened to each other!

Only pure hearts' prayers reach Heavens. Love your neighbour and do not condemn anyone. Fill your hearts with the oil of sincerity and saintly virtues. The Lord desires to see you loving Him and each other.

(about the Pharisees)

This miserable old institution causes much grief to Us by to the permanently insulting the Holy Spirit, by neglecting the Lord's grace, by catching souls into the trap of fear and inconsolability, the exit out of where only God knows!

The ritual service means very little if spiritual laws are violated and hearts are closed. No justification to those who sow evil and who intentionally lead Russia and its holy people to peril.

*   *   *

Don't lose my image from your eyes — it is guarantee of repentance and clothing with light.

The saints are preaching for you. Pray more for each other — as a sign of ecumenical love, impressed upon My disciples.

Master and implement the luminous behests of faith. May obscurancy fade away from the earth. He who loves Me sincerely, can't be enemy of Christ.

*    *   *

Contemporary Christianity, with its deviation from the truth and a miserable state of the clergy, is nearly deprived from hope to inherit the crowns. Churches and candles are not enough to make sons of light and take the vestments of the Kingdom. A hardgreat work is necessary to improve ourselves, a long and perseverant-work way up the Ladder, step by step. Only My prophets, whose vocation is to lead the souls into the higher world, know the mystery of the Way.

Oh, my child, there is no heavier sin is in the world than to think of the Lord as vicious or an evil-doer. This sin is called "temptation" and is not forgiven because it leads to darkness and catches into its traps many saintly souls striving for the truth.

Serious dissapointments are awaiting those priests who are incapable of accepting light, signs of the Lord's anger are on their errors and delusions.

*   *   *

Russia's future is in My worshippers' Church, personified in two beloved doves, sacrificed as I was entering, the Child in My arms, the temple of the third millenium — those are Emperor Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra.


Peace onto the power of peace

Peace will rest on the Power in case of Peace the Church appeals permanently to Me as Empress of the World, if the Church asks for My grace and royal wisdom as Empress of Holy Russia.

The era of peace is harely approaching. Although the enemy is fierce, trying to take back his former might, to keep his former fortresses, he loses them one after another.

Offer and offer prayers again to ask me for calling to the Church the souls capable to affirm My images and establish glorious power in the capitals, cities and towns.

The Holy Virgin restores the sunny image of Holy Russia in the best examples of its good knights, wise rulers, and monks pious fathers and mothers. The image coming down today, was promised, shown and destined to thousands of saints from the baptism of Russia till the great hour of entrusting the crown and establishing the Virgin Queen of the World in March 1917, and later on to the Gulag bishops.

The majority of bishops and priests who died in GULAG, were honoured with Her revelations, and recently during their latest years, even in a poor health, and many in spiritual feebleness under unbearable, abuse they were full of bliss, honored with the revelations of the Church of the third millenium, and desired for the Euchariat Her sunny grace.

117,539 New Martyrs are in the Council of New Holy Russia, on her syndics. It is time to reap, and their successors will reap the fruit of sorrows that the Church underwent in the twentieth century.


Crowns to those who share our sorrows

I dream of giving the wreaths I have in my hands to those my disciples who will endure hardships together with their Mother-Preceptress and will be risen to Heavens.

During Her earthly days the Virgin endured fierce abuse from the demonic host. She was more than once crucified by them. And our Lord used to come and take Her off the Cross, and He kissed Her pierced hands and Her brow, healing Her miraculously.

For the 16 years spent by Our Lady on earth, She endured such sorrows from the devils that she could tell about them only to some of Her Saints in seclusion when She was blessing them to similar martyrdom.

Devilish attacks against the Virgin's worshippers spell the devil's doom. The devil's forces were perturbed and confused after the Savior's Crucifixion, and lost their insolent power over the humanity.


The World Sacred Image is over Russia

Bring the good Tidings of the sunny Power of Light! Our Lady, She alone, is destined to glorify the future Russia. The blessed light is being emitted by Her into all worlds. No other idea is so powerful and curative for Russia. I bless those who accept the Veil of the ever-living Mother and Queen and will come under My aegis. What else can be more beautiful than My veil and what can be stronger than My shield?

I bless you with the royal blessing of My beloved Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Sacred image is over Russia as a sunny altar. It emits rays of wisdom, of knowledge, bliss which are necessary for confessing the image of Faith our Lady wishes to establish. It is comprehension, adoption, realization and glorifying the holy image that will be enough for regrouping the forces of the Orthodox worshippers, for restoring the faith in the Holy Russia. Those who rejected the light and the might of the Holy Image are to be deprived of power and will be dethroned by the angels of Her host.

The Holy Virgin is standing with Her arms stretched out. Her eyes are turned to Heaven. She prays for help to Her children, Her hands raised in supplication for peace, spiritual life. She calls us to obey Her as our Mother. So few today are capable to see Her and to glorify Her as Mother of the Holy Russia!

Our Lady spoke as Russia's Lady. She appeared in a white dress pelted with blue ribbons, and she had a dark red mantle. She had a crown on Her head and a crosier in Her right hand. In the moment of revelation She was transfigured as mourning Mother.

Heavens are open, millions of souls see Her.

*   *   *

How little they know the Lord! How weak is His voice for them! The true face of the Savior is discovered in the prayer — and it is not such as He looks to you after you learn the dogmas, but such as He is impressed in the memory of My saints and His Mother.

*   *   *

It is impossible to reach holiness on one's own nowadays.

Your hearts are tied into one, your sufferings are co-expiatory. Learn to be blissfully happy when abandoned. If your brother feels happy, it means that Love stays with him.

*   *   *

Until human beings learn to appeal for Me and to mention My name as often as possible, disorder in Russia will not be overcome. Pray ardently and ask Our Lady for help. I can't fail to come and to assist you.

*   *   *

My holy bliss wraps the sunny universe.

I'll grant health to the president, as he needs it to accomplish the mission he had intended to. His mission has not been fulfilled yet. The Virgin asks to pray for the president.

Russia will come to light through tragedy. I am not able to prevent it, but I promise My protection to those who will be devoted heart and soul to the cause of its salvation and to My guiding aegis.


Preach the light of Heavens

Those who accept the seals of innocence, purity and sanctity, are to live eternally and happily under my Motherly protection, as I am Mother Builder of the churches of Light in the third millenium of the Christian era.

The Gospel Kingdom will spread over the earth for all nations, countries, powers and states. A happy and peaceful life of love is possible if motives are pure and unselfish, sins of no one are noticed and revelations of love do not cease even in the wilderness.

I'll demonstrate at the annunciation the unsurpassed force of My sunny bliss. Preach with courage the Holy Gospel and the temple of peace. Both will come true through My help.

Don't insist to affirm my name as Virgin and Christ's Mother.

It is not important how She will be titled. The feminine merciful holiness origin apprehended as redemptive and salutary, uniting humankind around the One Mother who loves everybody — that is the power coming from Heavens. To accept this means to be converted to Faith.

*   *   *

Liturgy means getting up into sun light, ascending Heavens and before its utmost height — the Transubstantiation of Christ into the communicants. Nowadays there are three liturgical names: the Holy Regina of Russia, the Bride of the Nuptial feast, and Mother the All-Vanquishing.

The principal name of the Virgin during the liturgy is Pontiff of Heavenly Cities.

*   *   *

Pray with greater concentration, conversing with Heavens, to get as close as possible to My Motherly heart.

Any prayer is blessed if it corresponds to the Christian doctrine and is accepted by the holy Fathers, as it leads to peace, repentance, and serves our neighbours.

*   *   *

My child, should there be any obstacle and hindrance to praying but unforgiven sins or evident errors? When you can't pray, I shall pray in you. Do not worry about anything.

When Our Lady speaks about prayers, Her ever praying heart emits bliss coming over you.

My children, so happy I am when you come together and glorify Me and Our Lord in your hymns!

*   *   *

Monks, I wish to see them spread in front of Me praying for obtaining Light.


The importance of praying for our neighbours

Devil closes your eyes to divert you from prayer for your neighbours. Keep your hearts open, remembering their grief and their striving for holiness. It is prayer that unites you with your dear beloved neighbours. Prayers sanctify them, veiling Him with the cloud of peace and rest. If you had known the miraculous consequences of praying you would not waste an hour in taking opportunity to pray for our neighbours!

My child, the hearts of those you pray for are start trembling, responding, thanking the instant your prayer begins. One feels the strength one had not before. The idea of praying nowadays is to bless you neighbours who lives in your heart, to bless them living in My bosom on earth. To grant them life by prayers for bliss and joy, for purity and divinity.

I lead you to the schools of prayer, I disclose, day by day, hour by hour, the steps of contemplative praying, which were open to Me by Our Savior during His earthly days in Nazareth.

I wish you to hear God's voice in silence. In liturgical service, as well as in one's personal prayer there is not enough time for such long silent sacred moments, luminous pauses, when angels hover high above our hearts. Prayer in My maternal bosom is particularly blissful. The bosom is all round you. You are in My bosom, in My embrace. Your prayer for your neighbours, on naming everyone of them, gets you into the bosom, purifies, washes up, gives peace and knits the cover so necessary for the contemporary life, full of temptations end seductions.


The Deceased need your prayer

How keen is their need for your prayers! Recommence the midnight service for un-born babes, for the newly-deceased of the latter day, of the third, the ninth day; for relieving their destinies, for accepting them into the Virgin's burial-vault, for their unhindered free passage through cosmic trials and for eternal peace in Abraham's bosom.

I hope to manifest My unlimited mercy, indulgence and protection over many those who left the world suddenly, if the Church intensifies prayers for them.

If you knew how radiant aborted babes are when the priests of the Christian Church mention them in prayers! If you knew how much they need your prayer, how they thank for clothing them to white vestment! They pray Me for you as ardently one no else, and, having got peace in the spheres of light, they become your heavenly protectors and intercessors. As they bring forth their gratitude, as they protect you from troubles and misfortunes, they manifest their desire to stay in the sphere which guards the physical universal order and to facilitate the human lot by cooperation with the Principalities and Powers.


Concerning the destinies of unborn infants

They imagine guardian angels who had been intended to attend them in the world, they call their names, some of them live in the spirit their possible earthly life, their possible happy childhood... Prayer for aborted infants brings great consolation to their souls and is the only way to ease of their unmeasured sufferings for the sins of Adam's race.


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