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Archbishop John: "I’ll never leave you. And according to the Orthodox Liturgical Tradition at the Feast of Our Lady Assumption there is such a song of John from Damascus that one day after Her death when the apostles like an ophens without father and Mother were praying: "Jesus come". They saw Our Lady appeared instead of Jesus. And Our Lady said: "My children! I am always with you".

"And they looked at Her with ecstasy and said: "Oh, what a miracle! We were waiting for Jesus and Our Lady came instead of Him".

When you want to see Jesus, Our Lady comes. And they asked each other: "Why it’s so happened. We were waiting for Jesus!" The others answered: "Because Jesus comes in Her". Jesus comes in Her image, as God Father came in the Son’s image. And this is the mystery and foundation of the Church: we come to Jesus through Mary".

*   *   *

"The Father judges no one, but has entrusted all judgment to the Son, that all may honor the Son just as they honor the Father. He who does not honor the Father, who sent him. I tell you the truth, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be condemned; he has crossed over from death to life" ( John 5: 22-24).

The father does not judge anybody but he gave all judgment to the Son just as they honor the Father. And now the Son doesn’t judge anybody. He said: "I judge nobody. You judge".

Now Son doesn’t judge anybody and He gave all judgment to His Mother in order that all may honor His Mother as they honor the Son and the Father. I’m writing the words of Jesus here in the Holy Land of Hiroshima where the words of God come through Our Lady. Truly, truly I say to you: he who hears Her and believes Him, who sent Her, believes the Father and Son and the Holy Trinity, has eternal life, because She is the New Eve and She is the Mother of eternal life, and doesn’t come to judgment. Because She is the Judge and she is a very merciful Judge. She prefers to suffer Herself Her Coredemptrix sufferings. And those who believe in Her as a Message from God resurrect and pass out of death into true life.

Your dead come out of your beds. The hour is coming and it is now when the dead will hear the voice of the Son of God and they become alive through it. Because one who hears the voice of god can never die.

Blessed are those who hear the voice of God. Blessed are those who look at their beautiful Mother. Those who look at Her have life eternal. And those who hear Her will never die. Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit in the Immaculate State of Our Holy Mother, in Her Immaculate airs, in Her Immaculate beauty, in Her Immaculate Sanctity, in Her Immaculate Womb, in Her Immaculate Seed, in Her Immaculate Children.

"Come to Me, my children and I’ll show you your Mother, who will lead you into eternal life. This is the voice of God. And here, from the Holy Land of Holy Hiroshima, come, hurry, there is no time left! My children throughout Japan and Russia, wake up and come. Your Mother is waiting. She is waiting to embrace, to console, to kiss, to calm you, to embrace you forever. Amen".

*   *   *

Russian people love Our Lady extremely. They call Her not even Mama but Matushka, it means very beloved Mother, it’s very tender, it means the Most Merciful, Our dear, dear Mother.

When our people go to the Church they never say: "I go to show my devotion to the Icon, they say: "I go to see my Matushka." And Matushka is alive for them. And I believe that for them. And I believe that Russian people would like Our Lady of the New Holy Russia. Because we proclaim Our Lady of the New Era of cause. She is a little bit different then the national and confessional, but at the same time the same. I think the same with Japan. Our Lady will win throughout the world. You remember, when She appeared in Amsterdam, Holland, in 1951, She wanted there to be glorified as the Lady of all nations: Japan, Russia, Canada, USA. And the whole world is here.

The whole Heaven is here, and the earth is here. The Holy Trinity watches us. And the Kingdom of God is here. Because our hearts are devoted and consecrated. So we are the happiest people in the world.

Here, simple sinners, we go as if we live in eternal life. And it is itself a greatest miracle to start already this New life in such polar surroundings. Because consecration is union with Heaven. And what happens now it doesn’t happen on earth. We are elevated, we are between New Earth and New heaven, so we are swimming in the beauty of the New Sea, and our white ship is so nice, and the captain is Our Lady. She is ruling the ship. And with Her royal finger, with Her golden rings She says: "This way!"

She is the Church and the Church goes the way, Our Lady shows. And we are simple passengers invited to the ship, which is led by Our Lady. And when Our Lady disappears in Heaven, we say "Good-buy" to her, and we also say: "We never part, we are always with You".

In the Church the Eucharist will go up, and up and up to the top. In the rest of the Churches it will degrade, so the people will have no understanding about the Eucharist.

Only the Marian Church will give the understanding of the Eucharist.

Throughout the world Our Lady says that one of the main apostasies is the lost of Eucharist in the world in official Churches. Eucharist became very simple.

The highest mystery of the Church and the favorite mystery of Our Lady is that She is the Mother of the Eucharist. That’s why, when you take the Holy Communion with fear, the rest of your life is like a feast.

I can’t stop crying when the bread is my hand, Jesus is on my hand, He is so trusty, the God is on my hand! He is resting, because my hand is consecrated. He says: "This is Immaculate Heart. I want to have rest on it. This is My Holy Land. I want to have rest on it". And then He says: "That is exterior heart, now I here want to have rest. I want to become one with you".

Almighty God is a piece of bread on my hand! And He is so consoled to have rest. And He wants to say: "You see, John, how I trust you. I trust you and I love you".

I cannot but cry in the Holy Communion. It peaces my heart with the sword.

Our Lady’s Heart was seven time pieced by the arrows of sorrows. But I think our hearts also must be pieced by this sword. It is an arrow of Jesus love for us.

It’s a miracle what He’s doing with us. If He said: "John look, I’m so great and you are so little." I said: "Yes, yes, yes." That wouldn’t surprise me. "Yes, you are large, I’m little. But I don’t love you".

And now with His humiliate because of His love for us. This is an example of what we must become. "Be little. Rest on My hands".

When I embrace people, I very often rest on their shoulders. Always when I embrace I try to show something. I’m united with them, because head is the part of heart.

That’s why when we embrace, that means union of hearts. When we touch each other, we become one.

We are not only brothers, we are twins. Sometimes when I caress somebody’s head it’s Our Lady’s love, She caresses us. When I give a kiss on the head, it’s Our Lady kissing the heart. Because for Her head is the part of heart. And sometimes I embrace and I rest on somebody’s shoulders, I feel such consolation. This is a New type of relations between people.

Our Lady showed many, many New movement — Her left hand is always here, it’s the Heart — from My heart I bless all of you. And a very special blessing is the Cross in the Unburning Bush, in the Immaculate Heart of Mary. By this movement you bless this space, which must be itself blesses by the Cross. This space must be blessed in the Immaculate Heart, so first you prostrate the Immaculate Heart, which is New Heaven and New Earth. The movement: I am elevated Arc of Salvation.

When She prays for the dead She gives this movement, calm, be quiet. Many dead souls come. She gives peace. This is the New language of the gestures. I’m listening to you, I’m all here. Meditation, humiliation. This is: swimming in the sea of meditation; mystical flight like a bird. Some of the gestures are very energetic. And this way we honor Our Lady. They all from Heaven, it is the promise from Heaven.

Our priests are inspired when they serve Our Lady with gestures. Some of them through this movements receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I didn’t explain to them anything. They saw me inspired by Heaven and doing it in ecstasy. And then I blessed them. I said: "Now I’ll pray in you". And the one who leads the prayer angel is in him.

So I want to say that Our lady with me brought you many angels here additional, because you had already.

Our lady wants you to give the teaching of how kind She is. Her dialog with us is like this: She says: "Imagine the kindest woman. Did you imagine?" The person says: "Yes, I did". "I’m million times kinder that the woman you know". And he will say: "Oh, I’m suffocating of blessing. I’m suffocating, I can’t bear, it’s too much, my heart is breaking". And She’ll says: "Tomorrow I’ll show, that I’m even million times kinder than today".

Each step is a revelation of Her love. Go together step by step. And I also said to Rosette that she’ll be given the revelation of Our Lady’s love. And only by these we shall convert the word, only by revelation of love. Love is only in Her Immaculate Heart".

Japan, 1995.


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