"Because you kept the word about my endurance,
I will also keep you from the hour of test..."
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New Holy Russia
The Marian movement in Russia: Centralized religious organization Orthodox Church
of Mother of God Der


The Revelation of the Virgin to Archbishop John in Russia began in the autumn of 1984 in the city of Smolensk. This great revelation of Our Lady is still continuing. It gave birth to the Marian movement in Russia. The Centralized religious organization Orthodox Church of Mother of God Derzhavnaya (next - the Church) - follows the Holy Scripture and the Church Tradition. It professes patristic holiness and ardent piety. Our Church offers to Christian sister churches, especially Marian communities and organisations, and to other confessions, a dialogue of peace and Divine love, while retaining liturgical and ritual traditions which took shape over the centuries.

The Church took root in the godless years of cruel persecution of believers in Russia. It is lawful successor to the confessor hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church banished to Solovki and Gulag convict camps. Member unit of the International Council of Community Churches (I.C.C.C.), it was registered in Russia, 1992, in honour of the great miracle-working icon of Our Lady Derzhavnaya, Queen of Heaven and Earth, which the Lord sent to Russia in its grim years.

Our Church sees the future Russia, and all other countries, as temples of radiant peace. The Church is working for interconfessional contacts and fruitful teamwork. It seeks to settle Russian and universal problems through an ecumenical dialogue and adoration of the Virgin.

The Church worships sublime apparitions and revelations of the Virgin and the Lord in Russia and throughout the world (in Fatima, Montichiari, Garabandal, Akita and in many other plaices).



The Revelations

The Revelations of the Virgin to Archbishop John in Russia.

1. "The Revelations of the Holy Virgin Hodigitria in the city of Smolensk", 1984.

2. "THE WOMAN IN THE WILDERNESS. The Revelation of the Virgin to Archbishop John in Russia. May-July 1994".

3. "THE PEARL OF SUMMER. Revelations of Our Lady to Archbishop John in Russia. July-August, 1997".

4. "THE WOMAN CLOTHED WITH THE SUN" Revelations to Archbishop John, October 1999.

5. Conversations. Japan, 1995.

6. The Rose of Seraphites, 2006.



The Marian movement in Russia

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Archbishop JOHN (Bereslavsky) — short biography.

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Document — Ru/Eng.


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Statue of the Rosa Mystica. The Church of Our Lady Derjavnaya in Central Russia's Tver, consecrated to the New Martyrs of Russia.Miracle in Tver (Central Russia)

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The Church in Central Russia's Tver (Centralized religious organization Orthodox Church of Mother of God Derzhavnaya), consecrated to the New Russian Martyrs, received a gift of a statue of the Rosa Mystica from Horst Mehring of Essen, Germany.

The Church of Our Lady Derzhavnaya in Central Russia's Tver, consecrated to the New Martyrs of Russia



The miracle-working statue has been weeping fragrant tears since July 1998, just as a large crucifix nearby. The church is bathed in celestial fragrances, which saturate icons, beads and religious books when placed at the feet of the statue.




O my Lady All-Merciful, // O Mistress All-Holy, All Immaculate Virgin, //
O God-Bearer Mary, Mother of God, // Thou art my Only Hope beyond doubt
. // Despise me not, reject me not, // Forsake me not, depart not from me. // Defend me, plead for me, hear me, see me, // Help me, pardon me, forgive me //
O All-Blameless One


Our Queenly Lady,  // Solar Cloths of our eternal Fatherland of Russia! //
Give us Your Heavenly blessing
. // Wash our sins, // purify our soul and make us commune with the heavenly Glory of saints of the Glorious Church, // Establish the Eternal Reign of our God in the Holy Spirit // and the Glory of the righteous. // Amen.


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