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"Because you kept the word about my endurance,
I will also keep you from the hour of test
..." (Re 3:10).


1. The Catacomb Church

2. "Mother of God Centre", a socio-educational organization


The Wonder — working Prayer

This prayer was given to Sampson Sivers a Russian saint of the 20th century by Saint Seraphim of Sarov. It is important for the salvation of the whole world. It contains all the elements of repentance in Orthodox liturgical prayers. In ourdays the Mother of God rescues people from deth and gives protection with this prayer.

O my Lady All-Merciful, // O Mistress All-Holy, All Immaculate Virgin, // O God-Bearer Mary, Mother of God, // Thou art my Only Hope beyond doubt. // Despise me not, reject me not, // Forsake me not, depart not from me. // Defend me, plead for me, hear me, see me, // Help me, pardon me, forgive me // O All-Blameless One.


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