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"Mother of God Centre",
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"Because you kept the word about my endurance,
I will also keep you from the hour of test
..." (Re 3:10).


"Since 1984 the Revelation of the Word has been communicated to the Orthodox starets, Father John, a priest of the True Orthodox Church. The Wise Revelations of the Word of the Mother of God reveal the future of the world after the Last Judgement and the profound spiritual mysteries of the Christian road and the Christian prayer of the heart.

The Queen of Heaven extends Her Protection over all who yearn for peace within Her Pure Bosom and calls on all to go the way of genuine and fruitful repentance under Her Guidance before the Crucifix of Our Lord Jesus Christ. ...The Mother of God gives Her all-encompassing heart to those who spread the good tidings of Her Revelation. ...

Inspired by the universal Wise Revelations of the destiny of Russia and the world, the members of the Mother of God Centre have turned to fulfilling missionary tasks, one of which is to spread the Revelations. The other task of our organization is to preach active and fruitful penitence as a grace-bestowing and salvational gift of the Holy Trinity (as it is understood in the Revelations and the teaching of the holy fathers); penitence as the renewal of baptism and as the road to the "acquisition" of the Holy Spirit. We are trying to revive the tradition of spiritual Christianity as the right road to saintliness and perfection.

We do not consider any one of the presently functioning confessions to be without grace, and we do not refute the dogmas, Codex and Rules and do not interfere in the internal life of churches, fraternities, believers and private citizens.

We do not strive to seize churches or to increase the membership at the expense of people belonging to other confessions.

Our chief task is to bear the good tidings of the Revelations of the Mother of God which, in our opinion, is now the will of God. In this we appeal for help and cooperation to all people, believers and nonbelievers, especially the clergy and parishioners of the Russian Orthodox Church who venerate the miraculous icons of the Most Pure.

The Mother of God Centre calls all Churches to fraternal dialogue and unity on the basis of deep repentance before the Calvary of the still crucified Lord Jesus Christ, where all souls come who thirst for the ultimate truth and are adopted by the Most Pure Virgin Mary. It is the gathering place of all true Christians, the beginning of the transformation of humanity.

Our principles are not ideological, they constitute the essence of the Revelations of the Mother of God and the will of our souls which is: non-condemnation of others, repentance, comprehension of the will of God, comprehension of the crosses and sorrows of one's neighbour and sincere justification of all the living and the dead, of individuals, churches and all manner of organizations. That is the teaching of the One Whose all-encompassing heart has suffered much, the One Who mourns even the demons.The Mother of God

We are deeply concerned about the spiritual and moral state of the country and we believe that a correct solution to the problem regarding freedom of conscience will help to improve the spiritual climate in Russia which, in turn, will promote the solution of many other problems at different social levels. We are convinced that the external is determined by the internal, that is the reason why we address ourselves to the hearts of men. Comprehending Christianity as the road to universal penitence before the Crucifix of Christ, we put special emphasis on the education of the heart as the fulfilment of Christ's commandments, and on repentance as a way of life and thought.

The aim of the education of the heart, as it is understood at the Mother of God Centre, is to return to human souls the image and likeness of God and to endow them with virtues like non-condemnation of others, meekness, charity, compassion, patience, sacrificial and humble love.

We see great danger in the current unhealthy interest in the cult of sex and violence, in he general interest in hypnosis, occultism, UFO, satanism, demonology and black magic which has acquired disastrous proportions, and in the distribution in huge editions of books with definite recipes for conjuring and fortune-telling.

We are striving to introduce into the public consciousness the awareness of the light of virtue, saintliness, purity; to strengthen souls with the gifts of the Holy Virgin and to transform them quailtywise towards righteousness, the striving for perfection and high spirituality.

We see deep repentance as the key to the salvation of Russia, to man's understanding of himself, of God and the world (that is spoken of in the Word of the Mother of God).

We propose to all who wish to know the truth, to Christians above all, especially Orthodox Christians, to help us publish the Book of Revelations and, if they wish, to discuss it all together. BUT WE MUST READ IT BEFORE THAT. That will create conditions for clarification of the truth and all grounds for condemnation and calumny behind our backs will disappear.

We, who have been indifferent to all. except ourselves and a few people close to us, have had our hearts softened through the will of the Holy Virgin so now they take in the pain of all suffering hearts and hear the groans of the fallen who "hope to hear the revelations of the sons of God"...

Dedicating themselves wholly to the Mother of God, the priests of the Centre are striving to live in keeping with the ultimate truth of the heart. They teach and they call for penitence and believe that through the tidings of the Word of the Mother of God are communicated special means for opening the eyes of the soul, the road to salvation and improvement.

The Mother of God Centre has a staff of several score people but there are thousands all over Russia who feel the nearness of the Mother of God. The Centre invites all those who venerate the Virgin Mary, Mother of God, regardless of their confessions, finds a common language and actively cooperates with all penitents and all who appeal for repentance.

To date we envisage the following forms of activity: first of all, the dissemination of the Revelations of the Word of the Mother of God and work to publish them; lectures and series of talks in higher educational establishments and cultural centres; lessons in piety in a number of schools and preaching of the Word of the Mother of God in hospitals and prisons.

We welcome one and all to cooperate with us, all honest people, those who love truth and who are not indifferent to the fate of our longsuffering Motherland.

Our goal and treasured hope is to bring down the miraculous grace of the Mother of God on our country, to awaken all sleeping souls to the covenant with the Holy Virgin and bring them the warmth of Her consolation".

(From the book bey "Religion in the USSR", Novosti Press Agency Monthly Bulletin, N10, 1990, p.1-5. Zubovsky Blvd., 4119021, Moscow)


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