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By these messages, which were given in Smolensk (1984), a wide Marian movement began in Russia. Now it is evident, that the messages continues the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Fatima (Portugal), Medjugorje, Garabandal (Spain), Akita (Japan) etc. and they are the beginning of  fulfillment of the great prophecies of Our Lady and the Lord during the XX century the start of the New era for the humankind.

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"Go out and tell the whole world that the TIME HAS COME and IF ALL WILL NOT PRAY AND FAST, THEY WILL PERISH. The one who will be saved is already awakening, the one that will not awaken (now) will perish before birth, like an infant crushed in the womb.

Death has been taken away from you, hence your sorrows have been multiplied. You have to pay for the great gift. How can you fear death if you believe? When there is no fast, there is no prayer. A prayerful state (spiritual meditation) is prepared by fasting.


(How is one to learn to fast?)

Most people cannot fast because they feel no repentance.You cannot fast because you have no Spirit. ...

Your end will be tranquil, do not fear. But the one who will not give up sin will suffer greatly. The soul of the pious man will remain in pure slumber till the Second Coming.

Do not seek one another, seek Me, and you shall find. Strive for the big in the little, and not for the little in the big (as in the world). The one who seeks for much, does not receive even the little. The Lord is revealed in the little.

Your time has come. Pray and gain strength, and multiply your zeal, because you still have little strength for what awaits you.


that He must be born in your heart from Him. Holy and easy is such childbirth but it is prepared by sorrows and illness.

Your days are numbered. You will soon receive My Son and here is My Protecting Veil to ease your suffering.


(How is one to pray?)

The spirit teaches one to pray. Keep your heart united with the icons and Holy relics and do not let strangers into the shrine either in he day or the night. The spirit resides even in an abandoned shrine: the alter gates open, the slabs of floor arise and the service begins, with the angels and the saints...

Enter the shrine of your heart, close the door, kneel down, close your eyes and pray.

Prayer is difficult on account of sin. Here is the chalice and the Blood of Christ. So much of His Pure Blood has been spilled to teach us to pray to Him and in so doing place oneself in a state of virtue to be worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven!

The spirit leads the pure heart. The one who lives in sin is deprived of the guidance of the Spirit and walks in the dark, led by demons.


(What is one to do when prayer evades one and there is no strength?)

Assert in your heart the stern countenance of the Archangel and strike down the enemy with his help.

Faith means entrusting oneself to the Holy Will of God.

Be truly humble. A quiet heartfelt prayer is dearer to Me than the ringing of bells.

Wander about the world and keep the Lord in your mind-that is the way a Christian should live. Many hearts have grown benumbed on account of living long in cosy homes.

Wandering, remember the next world, the real world...

Seek and feel God in every breath you take. Otherwise how am I to pray and beseech merciful God and my Beloved Son for your salvation?

Those who place hope in Me and love Me, I will pay back plentifully and that will be only the smallest part of My grace. You can be saved only through My Intercession. There is no need to fear the enemy under My protection,

Russia is a devastated country, temporarily abandoned to the enemy. But despair not if you have faith.


(About the Church in Russia.)

The Church grieves and I grieve with it. The Church is crucified and I stand at its feet as I did then at the foot of my Crucified Son. The Church sheds tears and so do I. My ADVICE TO YOU is: remain in the Holy House of God where to the end of time will shine the light everlasting.

My blessing and grace is with the Orthodox Church. Orthodoxy is My beloved home, the cemetery chapel which I frequent to pray for the healing of the living and the assuagement of the dead.


(A Parable.)

There were a hundred righteous men in the church. Now they come out of the church but the prayer does not stop — they pray outside the church walls (not on earth)...

Great is the assemblage of the Russian Church in the Heavens. RUSSIA IS SAVED FOR THE CENTURIES.

Many times have I saved Russia. You do not know a fraction of the number... Even now you will be saved through My intercession.


(Is it necessary to extend holiday greetings to brother Christians daily (as the Orthodox do), when the Church is in such a troubled state?)

My sorrow and My uninterrupted joy. The same to you: grieve some days, and rejoice on bright feastdays. REJOICE AND GRIEVE IN SPIRIT and not in word.

Your family will be saved through you, and you will he saved through them. He who has not the strength to wander, he will suffer from his family. Bring them together through humility and strength of spirit.

If you only knew how joyful is suffering in the name of the Lord!

I BLESS THE RISING CHURCH. Everything will pass and turn to dust — as for you, you will receive eternal crowns for your short suffering.

The priesthood has fallen and there is no salvation for it. I shall raise you higher and you shall rest under My Protection in the Eternal Bosom.

The one who is holy is priest. Liturgy performed with a heart of awe and purity is prized highest of all in the Heavens.

There is no old or new Orthodoxy. There is one true Orthodoxy for all eternity. Venerate the Image of God in the churches, in others and in yourselves, and may the Lord Join your hearts in love with His Blood.


(Is there any spiritual meaning in monasteries today?)

MONASTERIES ARE MY SECRET WOUNDS. Those who come in touch with them will have a special destiny and My special blessing.


(Should one live among people or seek seclusion?)

Seek the Kingdom of God and it will open to you in the secular world, in the desert, regardless of place.

Seraphim Sarovsky was the greatest orison-maker in the land of Russia. He was a holy visionary equal to St. John, the beloved pupil of God.


(Mother of God, what should we hope for?)

For the blind to see because once they see the Light of God's Glory, they shall be blinded forever.


(What is the fate of the unbaptized dead?)

The unbaptized are already now being baptized by the blood of the innocent martyrs of the faith. That is one of the mysteries of redemption.


(What are the most grievous sins?)

Falsehood, treachery, fornication and the desecration of holy relics.


(About the Pharisees.)

I cannot bear to hear their name. Their shame will never be washed away. They have defiled the Church and desecrated the wounds of the Lord. The blood of many righteous men pleasing to My eyes is on their heads.


(What is to be done about Pharisaical priests?)

A sinful heart is cleansed by fasting, penitence, prayer and suffering. Let them accept the crosses that they have rejected. Their crosses will mark them out at the Hour of Judgement and they shall be doomed to torments eternal.


(How is one to escape Pharisaism?)

By dedication of the spirit. If there is no dedication of the spirit that means you are traversing the wrong road. Falsehood in the heart hampers spiritual progress.

FALSEHOOD IS THE MOST GRIEVOUS SIN. Penitence — the greatest of virtues.


(Will there be war?)

The man who is no warrior fears war. Many dark forces will have to be repulsed before peace reigns — in the soul and in the Heavens. To the one who conducts uncasing struggle will be revealed the mysteries of heavenly wars.

For the soldier of Christ the world is a battlefield, no more .

You may evade war, but something else awaits you. You will fall asleep and not wake up — the earth will change in an instant.

The sermon is not preached in words, but in deeds. The Lord speaks in humility, hence you will preach His Word with humi1ity.


(How is one to profess humility now?)

By not murmuring in one's sorrow and gaining strength in struggle. One must love one's enemies, for salvation comes through them.

I shall strengthen you and you will be saved by your zeal. I shall multiply your faith in the Lord God and in My Protection, so you should not murmur and not grieve, but be vigorous in spirit. Reject pride and you will be invulnerable to evil.

Exaltation of self is the same as hatred of fellow men. When you believe that you are better than the lowest tin your opinion) of men, you turn away from God. The Lord spurns the proud as haters of their fellow men. The meaning of the earthly road lies in repentance and humility. You are placed in difficult circumstances so you should better realize your sins.

The Lord is present in two shrines: in the shrine of the heart and in church. If the heart does not partake of the sacraments, the church sacraments are fruitless. I shall always be living in the icons...

Children are now answerable for their sins from the age of one year.


(About the Church.)

You (the truly devout Orthodox) are the Church of the future. Then will come in the flesh many of My saints... But do not ask about it because that is still a secret..."

("Religion in the USSR", Novosti Press Agency Monthly Bulletin, Number 10, 1990. Zubovsky Blvd., 4119021, Moscow)


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