The Rose of Seraphites


The word is saturated with scents of mountain flowers and includes at least a hundred of simultaneous plates (dimensions). The content transmits a slightest part of the fragrance of Divine rhythms, super-celestial vibrations and hearings of the Voice.

When I receive revelations, my mind ascends to the Heavenly World, and I reside, I am in the sweetest pakibytie and see and enjoy scents of sayings. I can not describe them. I must restrict myself to transmission of the Word. But it contains and concentrates all scents, visions, images, particles, compositions “spanned” in the revelation.

I appeal to readers to ascend to the Heavenly World with me, enjoy these scents and see indescribable things – in a different world. And to hear the sweetest everlasting Voice.

The purpose of the Word is for the mind to ascend to and its coexistence with the Divine world. As a Melchizedek priest I give the world myrrh waxen Scrolls to inspire my fellow creatures. While being on the earth in their bodies they can be honored with highest super-celestial ascensions and enjoy God's words. We do not need to “ignite men's hearts” in Pushkin's way or to confuse them in the way of Pheophan Prokopovich.

The sweetest tender Word like the balmiest sphere of breathing in the Holy Mother's Kingdom – the most enraptured rest of an eternal Saturday. It comes from the Kingdom and turns the reader into a dweller of the heavens. It carries him or her to the Heavenly World and the fifth dimension. (...)

 This way of reading the Word of the Purest Virgin is an absolutely new one. I suggest it to all true disciples and anointed ones, wishing to enjoy the sweetest Scripture from above.


Blessed Iohann
Izmyr, Turkey, 24.04.2005


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