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The Revelation of the Virgin to Archbishop John in Russia.
May-July 1994



From "The Woman in the Wilderness"

The Revelation of the Virgin to Archbishop John in Russia:

"My beloved children, the Age of Glory — the Kingdom of Jesus is near. Little time is left. Be at one in love between you. Bring Peace of Mary to the world.

You will be heard. Today, you need only to hearken to My voice and have it in your heart as it resounds worldwide. In My hands I wield the keys of salvation of the human race.

I am the living Gospel of Light, the Gospel of the Glory of Jesus. Do not try to read the Scripture without the guidance of My Motherly Heart, for the sacred words remained sealed unless you are guided by Wisdom. Your heart shall open. Many are the sorrows, misunderstandings and blasphemies bred by false interpretations of the Gospels.

I was the first blessed in the Annunciation, and the Lord, Fruit of My womb, after Me. He came into the world from a blessed Womb, and ascended the Kingdom through it. The Blessed stayed at the Cross, and the seed of Adam is blessed in Her to this day. I stand at the Cross as I did. Russia is slumbering, and Jesus Christ crucified.

There is a mighty Angel of the Revelation of the Gospel Light in the Russian Church of My Heart. With his help will be revealed unto you many Gospel mysteries, and the true image of the Saviour, as He is before the Father in Heaven and in the Heart of His Mother.

My child, the beauty and perfection glorified in Me do deservedly belong to the Son. Love Him in Me, My child. I wish you to love Jesus as I do love Him"


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