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Revelations to Archbishop John

October 1999: Tidings of the Virgin's Era


O my Lady All-Merciful, // O Mistress All-Holy, All Immaculate Virgin,//
O God-Bearer Mary, Mother of God, // Thou art my Only Hope beyond doubt. // Despise me not, reject me not, // Forsake me not, depart not from me. // Defend me, plead for me, hear me, see me, // Help me, pardon me, forgive me // O All-Blameless One.






The Address of John, Archbishop and Prophet,
to the 19th Council

Blessed is He that cometh in the name of the Lord! The era of the Ever-Virgin returns! The aegis, the kingdom, the power and the glory of Sophia, Mother of Christ, Queen of the World, the Ever-Virgin! Amen. The host of prophets, the apostolic power, crowned heads and the crozier of the archpriest all sing glory to the Ever-Virgin! Open the heavenly gates of the Kingdom! The era of the Mother of God is coming. The bosom of the Thrice-Glorified is opening.

The Father blesses, the Son points at Her, the Holy Spirit hovers above Her as a dove, wings a-flutter. Holy Russia, the Ever-Virgin's land, the Holy Trinity protects you. Holy fathers intercede for you in prayer and tears of tenderness. The Lord blesses Holy Russia, His bride in Heaven. He will clothe His bride in the vestments of the sun, name her His beloved and lead her into the mansions of eternity. He will come out to meet her as King Melchizedek with bread and wine, and lead her to the royal banquet where the righteous behold the holy Face of the Lamb. Lay the table of jubilance! Sing glory to the Era of the Virgin in Holy Russia!

The Mother of God, Sophia the Divine Wisdom, is destined to bemother Holy Russia and lead her with majestic hand. Oh you Heart of Gold, you holy Tabernacle pierced by seven arrows! You are the womb of the immaculate conception of the souls of new earth and new heaven. From you as from Noah's ark after the Flood will come into the world the children of light — youths in white vestments and maidens in vestments of radiance. Leading them will be the Dove with an olive leaf. Inscribed on the ark is, The Era of the Mother of God, the Land of the Ever-Virgin. Hearken, ye faithful!

Russia lifts on a cloud. A new universe is rising in a silvery smoke. The Pantocrator, the Lord of Glory blesses it with a fatherly hand. The Eternal Son accepts power from God. Angels announce Doomsday with their trumpets.

The kingdom of the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Holy Trinity is coming, the third kingdom in Holy Russia. Lay he table with viands of Heaven! Adorn it with cups of shiny brass! Put shoes of fine red leather on your feet, put on the vestments of light! Sing hallelujah! Sing canticles to Mother Saviour, to your immaculate Protectress. The Virgin will save Holy Russia!

The angels are announcing the Era of the Ever-Virgin. Open gates eternal and holy! Open the Pool of Siloam to the faithful! Show the way to eternal life to the chosen! Burn incense over the worshippers of Light! Build your altars in the forums and squares! Throw wide open the Gates! May the long-suffering orphans enter! May birds come into the ark! The Era of the All-Pure reigns the universe. The earth is bathed in golden light. Sing praise to the Virgin Mary Mother of God!

Praise Her, nations and all creature! Praise Her, you Christians and Buddhists, Jews and Muslims, the Orthodox and the catholic, Protestants and the architects of the Slavonic mansions! You architects of the future Temple of the King of Heaven, sing glory to the mysterious Queen of the World, praise the Queen of Heaven! You will find peace under the wings of the Lady.

May the Lady of the wedding feast come! May She come, the giver of royal mercy, Our Lady for ever and ever! Praise Her as befit the Coredemptress, the Bride of the Lamb! Worship the Lord of the Holy Trinity in Her!

Clothe yourself in the vestments of virginity, Holy Russia! Be as the fragrant shroud of Christ! Shine forth in your divine vestments of the sun! Bright is Holy Russia with ever new gonfalons. Great is the Lord in His people, and the people praise the Lord. God is enthroned in His land. God strengthens His power. God beholds all His creation. God contemplates the Virgin with Christ and for Christ in the glory of the Lord.

The hosts of Sabaoth thrice vanquish the hosts of the Enemy. Archangel Michael pierces with his spear the preternatural Beast, and the serpent crawls into his lair bleeding. Sin is forbidden, and we shed the dust of the past off our feet. Risen is the seed of Abraham! The pious as full of the Holy Spirit as they sing glory to the All-High and their feet tread in purity the holy land. In heavenly radiance, they behold angels' faces as they ascend to the thrones of Heaven, and join together in light ever so sweet. Hallelujah! Praise to the Almighty from pure hearts fills the air.

The Devil is vanquished, God is in His glory. The angels take away the form of the dragon, decapitated of his seven ugly heads. The lion and the lamb, the wolf and the babe, man and beast are in a world of peace. Fair herds are grazing in rich pastures, and the Virgin clad with Light takes Her flock to clear ponds.

THE 20th CENTURY IS THE AGE OF SATAN, THE 21st THE AGE OF THE EVER-VIRGIN, is inscribed in white tablets. Orchestras play thunderous hymns to the Ever-Virgin. Canticles are sung. Hail, Queen of the world! Catholics are praising the triumph of the Immaculate Heart in Holy Russia. Place Our Lady of Lourdes in the heart of the Universe! Make a gorgeous statue of Our Lady of Fatima! Crown the Romanovs, the Most August spouses, to the eternal throne of New Holy Russia! May golden nimbuses shine forth over your brows, may the grace of the sun shine in your hearts, and may your hearts be as holy chalices!

Rejoice, guests of our council! The power of the All-High descends upon the earth. "Now long?" thunders the voice of the saints over the places of worship. WHO IS AS GOD? says Archangel Michael. This is the Kingdom of the Holy Spirit.

The Russian spirit fills the air. Surrounding the Ever-Virgin is the glory of the Trinity: the eternal Father, the loving Son and the Holy Spirit, architect of the Kingdom. Here they are enthroned side-by-side the King and the Queen clad with the sun. Behold Their faces full of beauty untold! Faithful multitudes are around Them.

Holy Russia is rejoicing. The enemies of God are in hell. The Harlot is gone. The West is silent in waiting. Here it thunders, Ex Oriente Lux! An angelic host of the highest heavenly hierarchies descends on Moscow the holy metropolitan city. The entire creation hearkens. Birds' keen ears feel the slightest vibrations and reverberations. Trees and beasts embrace light. The banquet guests are reclining on their pillows in rapture, all clad in royal purple adorned with crosses.

Praise the new Universe! Bring tidings of the Era of the All-Pure! Go hence, other spheres! Shut the wide-open windows of space and the forbidden gates of Lucifer! Here is the border Lucifer will not trespass, and Beelzebub will not cross. This is a formidable wall beyond which the Enemy shall not pass. This is HOLY RUSSIA, the mighty power of light, land of inspired piety and eternal virginity, a perfect creation of the Maker.

The Virgin, the divine Artist of Heaven made you, Holy Russia, with Her own hands, my fair native land! Saintly kings, righteous monks, inspired nuns, fools of God and the People of God are reflected in your radiant faces as in precious mirrors.

Behold vast crowds as they come to the feet of Our Lady! They thirst to hear Her Word! They thirst to drink of Her water and wash in Her springs. They cry as they raise their hands in supplication: "I am an orphan eaten with the leprosy of my sins. I am a sinner beyond pardon. I am the worst of evil-doers now am I clean in Thy hands, Holy Mother!"

Praise the Queen of Heavenly Light! Praise Her is Her innumerable hypostases, in the multitude of Her miracle-working images! Praise Her in Her icons worshipped in Russia! Praise Our Lady of Kursk, Vladimir and Novgorod! Praise Our Lady of the Sign! Praise Our Lady of St. Theodore, of Iberia, and praise with an ever greater praise Our Lady Derzhavnaya, Queen of Heaven and Earth! Lift your eyes heavenwards! Praise the Woman Clothed with the Sun!

You who hearken to your Queen, wipe your feet with cloth as you enter the Ark of the Virgin descended on earth. Look not at those who stay behind. Shut your eyes and stop your ears lest you hear sobs and wailings. The Mother will embrace them, too, in Her bosom and make them clean when their hour comes. Fix your eyes on the burning candle, and make the sign of the cross again and again. A new Universe will shine forth as the days of darkness are over. Then, the whole world will know that the Era of the Virgin has come.

Stones will be its harbingers. Trees will rustle their leaves in silent prayer to Her. Lions will roar, "Avva! (Father!)" and sheep will bleat, "Ammah! (Mother!)" And saints will descend from heaven to teach children of twelve. The ever-virginal Mother is Queen of the new millennium. She wields the sceptre and the aegis of the worlds. Hearken!

Evil is gone, sin is gone, and death vanquished. Shut are the gates of hell while the Virgin speaks. The gates of the Ever-Virgin are the only gates over Holy Russia. The only ark that descended on the eve of trouble was the Ark of the Virgin. One name will stay on all lips — Mary. Hearken to the voice of the Lord:

"May Holy Russia My daughter be fair as fair is the Bride of God the Ever-Virgin! Come to Me, Russia of the third millennium, come young and pure! I shall garb you in bridal vestments and anoint you. I shall take you by the hand to lead you to My mansions. I gave you a destiny in eternity. Saints accepted martyrdom for your sake. Your mothers are weeping for you. Your hour is near! Come, Russia of the third millennium, the Russia of the Kingdom of the Holy Spirit!"


October 11, 1999

I am the Woman Clothed with the Sun of the glory of Jesus Christ. I am the Lady of this council. I shall appoint to each of you a place at the supper of the Eternal Temple, the never-ending liturgy, the wedding feast of Christ. I am the Mother of the sunlit Christianity of the third millennium. I am She whose heart sheds light and out of whose Womb the royal Child is born. I am She who is destined to weave the cloth of the third millennium. I am She who builds Her throne in heaven, while its foundation is on earth. I am She whom the angels follow and the saints worship.

Ask not about Me, just see Me. Doubt not the truth of Divine revelation. I am the mountain bearing the throne, descended to earth. I am the royal sceptre as it strikes the soil in the spot where a new city will appear. I am the Mother Clad with the Sun, the great Treasury of Mysteries of the Kingdom.

God sent Me to save the world as messenger of His millennium. He sent Me to seek souls ready to follow His orders. He sent Me, with one look of His fiery eyes, to found new cities and new universes for out of the tabernacle of My Heart will come immaculate babes to reign with Him for a thousand years. The Lord sent Me to vanquish your enemies, seal evil entrances, shield damned exits, crush the Enemy and help the dying human race to overcome sin and enter life destined by the Maker.

Doubt not but follow Me, bring the Good Tidings. On dusty streets and in crowded gatherings, will you erect the thrones of the kingdom of the Woman Clothed with the Sun.

I vouch to My apostles the power of the seventy apostles of Christ. For My prophets I promise to weave eagle wings, and give them the power to step on serpents and trample scorpions underfoot. I promise to bring into the world psalmist equal to David and warriors equal to Samson and Elijah; to bring angelic hosts to the Russian borders so that no country opposed to Holy Russia will thirst for its lands.

I shall lay bare satanic schemes. I was granted the power to burn to ashes the devilish lairs and worlds. I shall shackle the dreadful enemy of Adam's race for many millennia. I shall intercede for My children who are too helpless to repulse even a small attack. The word of God will fetter the neck and the limbs of the Enemy. I promise to come victorious to cities and establish the thrones of the All-High and the Kingdom of Sabaoth the King of Glory.

Be converted! Take your baptism in the sunny waters of the new sea! Bathe in the radiant shower of My divine rays, enter the Ark as it waits above cities! Shake dust off your feet, you children of the new universe! I am come as harbinger of life of the third millennium. I am bringing light of preternatural purity, the joy lost by Adam and Eve. Praise the Mother of the Heavenly Creator, whose abode is Her eternal Womb! Praise the Foundress of the sunlit Universe! Praise the Queen of the new city!

*   *   *

My son, I am She who threw the lightning of wrath into Pharaoh's chariots, and the ray of Divine glory into Moses' rod to divide the Red Sea. I am She who stopped fierce barbarian hordes; She who rescued besieged cities and fortresses of Russia and Mount Athos. I hearkened to the voices of widows and children crying, "Oh Mother of God, help us!" I was standing firm as the Queen of the All-High, and a shower of arrows from My archers pierced the enemies of Holy Russia, and they fell dead.

I am She who drove into panic those who dared to desecrate My shrines. I am Mother Advocate. I am destined to protect you from enemies seen and unseen. I am She who is destined to save your life, take you in My palm and accept you in My heart. Those are images out of the ever-full treasury of God. Take them!

*   *   *

Oh you barren land! How pitiful are you, arid desert! You are drowning in abominable sins and lusty pride. You are like a cage of serpents as they bite each other to death.

*   *   *

Children of the new universe, take heart and look heavenward! Hearken to the voice of the Messenger of the Lord! I am your Mother. I am speaking out of the Kingdom as harbinger of My age. My voice will ring for a millennium in the boundless glory of the Father in Heaven. Muster the hosts of Sabaoth! Protect Holy Russia from her enemies. Come, the world of the Virgin!

Prosper, crystal palaces and cities of the sinless! Bloom forth, fragrant flowers of the Virgin's gardens! You sun, bathe in your golden light the churches of the Virgin, the Queen, Sophia! King of Glory, descend from Your throne to see processions in honour of the triumphant All-Pure Virgin! Look as those fair warriors girdled with blue ribbons. Look at the faces of those holy maidens full of the Holy Spirit! Look at children's radiant faces as they enter the world of eternal joy.

Angels sing: "New universe, new human race, new heaven, new earth".

*   *   *

Put on apostolic sandals and tread clean soil as you stamp the asphalt urban deserts with the cross of the glory of Jesus in your footprints. Convert drug addicts so that they contemplate Me. Bring to Me tubercular and AIDS patients, and I shall cure them. May My name ring in the homes of the dying!

*   *   *

I warded off three nuclear blasts in Holy Russia. I forbade five horrible wars on Russia's southern borders. I brought to nought the schemes of dozens of your enemies. Shall I not prevent terror acts in Moscow and St. Petersburg? Put on My new vestments. I am come to envelop you in heavenly radiance, to bring back to you the flesh of the paradisial Adam.

*   *   *

Appeal to Her who will help you. The Lord wants nothing more. I alone can do what all armies of the world cannot. I alone can cure diseases which baffle the best physicians. I alone can bring peace which political leaders will never achieve. I alone can vanquish your enemy, who thirsts for death and evil. When a wasp bites a baby, does it not scream in tears: "Mummy!"

Now that you are bitten by the Serpent, why are you not appealing to the eternal Mother to save you from a fatal bite? Rise, cities, and I shall wash off your filth! Fall, pillars of the old world order! I am come to establish the Kingdom on earth. Angels of My power, stand over the Baltic Sea! Angels of My glory, enter cities victorious, adorn triumphal arches with the images of the Eternally Glorious! Praise Lord Jesus Christ as eternal King of the universe!

Tremble, spirits of the dead planets! Angels, smite UFOs with the lightning of the Kingdom! Reduce the servants of the Evil One to ashes! Denounce satanic schemes and drive him forth!

*   *   *

Priests, My beloved luminaries, you do need My vestments. I shall send new sacristans to you to array you in pure gold. I shall give you fragrant oils to anoint your flock. This is the oil. The King of Heaven anointed My brow for eternal reign out of this vessel. Take it out of My hands, archpriest of the future Temple. With a majestic gesture, the Virgin offered a vial of precious oil.

How you need the power of the sun! Each will receive a helmet with a visor, the crusader's mailcoat, the mighty sword of the Word of God. Accept the power of the Thrice Crowned Lady, be knights of the Lord Sabaoth! You are the army of the Invincible Lady. Preach in city squares, serve the needy and the bereaved. Give your last possessions to widows and orphans, dress the wounds of the homeless and give communion to those thirsting for Christ.

Priests, read what prophets said of your forerunners. Read the bitter words of Jeremiah. May the Lord ward off his sorrows from you! May your sacrifices be accepted and your prayers heard! Replacing the parochial clergy will be a new clergy of the sun, for the great Temple is throwing its doors open in heaven. Enter the ark and take the vial of oil from Me before you anoint.

First cling to My bosom and have the taste of My tears from the vial. Preach in tears not with lips. Announce the Good Tidings with your heart not voice! Serve your liturgy in the universe not a decorative altar! Oh may the sunny sacraments be open to you that are intended for the priests of the Almighty! If you only knew the height of the Anointed One! If you only knew what a flute the Master gives to the shepherd to guard His flock!

Even the Lord, the Archpriest, the All-High was never ordained to priesthood on earth. Will you take your crown from God in heaven when the hour of judgment comes? Will the Lord accept you?

*   *   *

Your ailments, My son, are meant to make you appeal to Me, for you are still far from My motherly care, you are still too worldly. The wilderness is meant to drink of heavenly waters. Preach Me in ignoble dens to save hapless drug addicts out of them. I promise, you will cure with My name alone. Go where you are needed the most — to the abode of tears and despondency. Do not set your foot into prosperous companies, or you will lose the little you have. Put My virginal raiments on the naked, seek babes and bring them to the gorgeous banquet table.

My Child, I am the Mother who hears the supplication from the innermost depth of a heart in pain. Take from Me the membrane which resounds at the pain of your neighbour's heart. Take the power of forbidding sin, take My rod. Angels sing: "New universe..."

I see the red glow of war. Archangel Michael is fighting the Red Dragon thrown down to earth from heaven. He tries to smite the beast with his spear. The dragon dodges off and runs. The archangel catches up with him in a battle awesome and sublime with the ghosts of the 20th century — tyranny, communism, fascism, capitalism, the Pharisaic spirit, occultism and antichrist.

Michael, guardian angel of New Holy Russia, smites its spiritual enemies, and forbids the severed heads of the fatally wounded dragon to grow again. He smites the dragon, and the beast cannot dodge off anymore. As he crawls away in fury, gnashing his teeth, he asks: "How long have I to sit idle and cannot display my power over my subjects?"

"There are none of your subjects here", says the archangel.

"The earth is the abode and the realm of the Ever-Virgin. God, the true Creator, did not cede any soul to you. God the Pantocrator only tolerated your passing power over souls. Divine Providence sent to the world Her who will smite you and throw you into the abyss. The fiery glare of the Woman Clothed with the Sun will follow you till you are reduced to ashes. Her offspring will clean cities poisoned with your filth. Her disciples will be immune to your traps. Your abominable schemes will have no power over them. God wants the world to praise the Victress of  the devil, the enemy of the human race".

"I am powerless. I bow my head, and shall humbly crawl away for some time, but my hour will come and the Woman Clothed with the Sun will see me again".

"The Age of the Woman Clothed with the Sun!" cries Archangel Michael. "Your age is over. Take the casket with your stamps and hide it in your lair. You have enticed the number of souls fated into submission to you. Now they are destined to see light".

"I cannot do anything. The Virgin is the only one against whom I am powerless. I am strong enough to put millions of souls into slumber with one gesture, but I have no power over Her", says the Devil.

Archangel Michael pushes the dying monster into the abyss with his spear, and the devil falls with a hellish moan and deafening noise. Speaks Archangel Michael:

My son, the saints' road to earth is clean. The Devil is smitten. Rejoice! Come is the time prophesied by the Virgin to the little Portuguese shepherds in Fatima. Your age is named the Triumph of the All-Pure Virgin. The length of Her Reign is determined and depends on you. If Russia and the whole world bows to the life-giving Gospel and erects Her throne, if Her name never leaves your lips, I promise: the Reign of the Ever-Virginal Woman Clothed with the Sun will last eternally.

But if the clean road of purity does not catch pilgrims' eye and they again choose the tortuous ways, the time destined for the All-Pure by the eternal Holy Trinity will be shorter. The road is clean for the saints! Take the sword out of my hand, mount the white steed and gallop on! Jesus Christ the apocalyptic Messiah, King of Glory is descending to act through you. Only such Christian orthodoxy will have power that descends from the saintly hermits and spiritual teachers, from St. Seraphim of Sarov and St. John of Kronstadt.

The future of the Church belongs to saints. The clergy will survive only if it accepts holiness as its ideal and the ascetic life of spiritual teachers as its practical example.



Tell to the priests given into your care to boldly appeal to the Virgin, never to divert their gaze from Her, to bless and serve liturgies in Her name. Tell them to be firm in their heart as the priesthood of the Virgin. Tell them not to blend with the dying pharisaic yeast. Why are the priests of the sunlit Church not afraid to get soiled as they mix with grey-clad priests?

"Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly". Do not touch their vestments. Do not mix with them as one of them lest you share their lot. You are a Church that draws its power from the sufferings of the New Martyrs, a Church blessed by Emperor Nicholas, eternal Tsar of Holy Russia. You do not carry the burden of the old church past. You are clean of the sins of patricide and poisoning saints. Your brow bears not the brand of slanderers and enemies of preachers of the Kingdom.

Strengthen the power of the Lord in the heavenly vestments of the Virgin. Praise the queenly Mother, who is at the helm of the white ship of the new universe. Make cities into havens for the heavenly vessels of Her converted sailors to drop anchor.


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